Ground Coffees

Various techniques for processing the beans, varying degrees of roasting, and different grades of grinding influence the final flavour of the coffee, its aroma, and its strength. The shorter the roasting process, the lighter the beans are, resulting in a coffee which in the cup is delicate, with fruity notes. Conversely, the longer the roasting process, the darker the beans, which are also covered with more essential oils. A cup of coffee made from such beans is strong, with a subtle bitterness. In making a cup of coffee, a fundamental consideration is the grade of the grind.

Instanta Fine Ground Coffee

Fine Ground

Coffee is excellent for paper filter coffee makers and espresso machines or other machines using high pressure.

Instanta Medium Ground Coffee

Medium ground

Coffee is perfect for coffee makers like Siphon, Aeropress, Chemex Coffee Maker, Cone Shaped Pour Over Brewers.

Instanta Coarse GroundB Coffee

Coarse ground

Is perfect for coffee percolators, French Press as well as for coffee cupping.

Instanta Coffee Cup

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