Quality is crucial for us. We monitor the quality of our materials at every step; the plantation and production processes, the supply chain, packaging, laboratory analyses, and storage. We search out the best coffee plantations all over the world (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and many other places) buying directly from growers, strictly from tested sources.

How we source our coffee

We travel all over the world to search out the best coffee cultivation regions and select the finest coffee beans, which are then imported by our trusted suppliers. This lets us create the best coffee blends with rich flavour and aroma.

Where we buy our coffee

We personally inspect coffee plantations all over the world, and search out the best coffee growing regions to choose the finest coffee beans to create the blends with different flavour and aroma profiles. The best plantations that we work with are located in the Coffee Belt, mainly in Africa, Asia, and South America. It is there that the best coffee beans ripen under the watchful eye of specialists.

Instanta Coffee Plantations Map

How we maintain quality

Control over the maintenance of the quality of our products is exercised by a group of experts who test the materials at every stage of the production chain, starting from the plantation to testing at the roasting facility and in the Instanta lab, as well as at accredited external laboratories. Thanks to this, we can be sure the customer receives the best possible product.


Our products meet quality norms and legal requirements, confirming the safety of the production process. The certificates we possess are marked with logos on our packages. We are proud of these certificates and continue to win new ones. These include ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, UTZ, and the Bio certificate.

Instanta Certificates Maps

Single Origin

We offer Single Origin coffees, using the very finest coffee beans. These originate from a single country or region, or even from a single small plantation, where coffee growing expertise is handed down from generation to generation. Each region represents a completely different flavour of coffee, one which reflects the history of the place where the coffee plants grow. Single Origin coffees let you experience local flavours, as the beans ripen in unique climate and soil conditions with an unmistakable flavour and aroma profile.

Bio • Organic • Eco

Bio / Organic / Eco Coffee beans are sourced from environmentally friendly cultivation without artificial fertilisers, aiming to get to the best from nature & preserving the environment. We are particularly proud of our Bio certificates and range of coffees that are certified as Bio.

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