Instant Coffee

We are a leader in the production of instant coffee made from 100% coffee beans with no additives or chemicals. The production process involves roasting the beans, extraction, concentration, and drying. Depending on the drying technology used, the result is either freeze dried or spray dried instant coffee.

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Water extraction and concentration

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Spray drying or freeze drying

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The finished product

Instanta Coffee Freeze-Dried


Freeze dried coffee is produced using a modern and advanced technological process. First, a brew is prepared by passing boiling water through the beans in extraction column. Next, this brew is filtered and cleaned, and then condensed to the correct consistency by evaporation. The thick liquid thus obtained is then freeze dried, that means the liquid is dried by being reduced to a temperature of -40°C. In this way, ice crystals are formed and are subsequently removed in a low-pressure chamber. The finished product is characterized by high quality and a full flavour and aroma.

Instanta Coffee Powdered


Powdered coffee is produced in spray dryers (as much as 40 m high) where liquid coffee extract is sprayed into as a fine mist which contacts very hot air (up to 240°C). The falling drops rapidly lose water content, and the fine particles of coffee fall to the bottom of the dryer. The first person to patent a “soluble coffee powder” was David Strang of New Zealand in 1890, but for technical reasons his was not of the best quality. A year later, the Japanese chemist Satori Kato created the first successful powdered coffee while working in Chicago, which was presented for tasting at the Pan American Expo in Buffalo, New York in 1901.

Instanta Coffee Granulated

Granulated (Agglomerated)

Granulated / Agglomerated coffee is coffee subjected to spray drying, after spray-drying the coffee is further processed by combining the small soluble coffee particles into larger granules using steam and pressure. Thanks to this process, the finished product has characteristic larger granules with a dark brown colour, known in many countries as “Classic”.

Instanta Coffee Microgrind


Microgrind coffee is a blend of high quality instant coffee with finely ground beans. This kind of coffee is known to capture the best of both worlds: instant coffee and roasted coffee by the combination of the intense taste & aroma of ground coffee with the ease and convenience of instant coffee. Microgrind is produced by freeze drying coffee extract, then removing the ice crystals through sublimation while simultaneously adding finely ground coffee beans in the processs.

Instanta Coffee Crema


Crema coffee is characterised by a light brown (nutty) colour. The process of making crema coffee is one-of-a-kind. An extract is prepared in special conditions and then dried, resulting in a characteristic, dense, velvety foam. Water is forced at very high pressure through the ground coffee, extracting its most precious flavour and aroma components.

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