Ground Coffee Packaging

To maintain the freshest flavour and aroma of ground coffee, we use airtight modified atmosphere packaging. Before the product leaves the plant and reaches the consumer’s table, all of our packages are subjected to a quality control process. That’s how we can be sure that our coffee is fresh upon opening, and that the consumer will be able to enjoy its amazing aroma. We offer ground coffee in the following types of packaging: bags, vacuum packs, and stand-up bags. Find out about the advantages of each kind.

Instanta Coffee Ground Bag

Bag 100g

We offer ground coffee in 100g bags which guarantee the highest level of freshness of the product. These bags feature precision seams, sturdy construction, and airtight seals. Thanks to these qualities, the coffee within retains its great taste over a long period of time.

Instanta Coffee Ground Vacuum Pack

Vacuum pack

To maintain the unbeatable aroma and freshness of ground coffee over a long period of time, we use vacuum packs. This type of packaging guarantees a hermetic seal which protects the coffee and extends its shelf-life. Vacuum packs are available in 250g and 500g sizes.

Instanta Coffee Stand-Up Pack

Stand-up bag

These are made of a multi-ply laminate and are resistant to mechanical damage, featuring excellent weldability and presenting a strong barrier to outside factors. The modern graphic designs highlight the exclusive look. Stabilo stand-up bags are available in 250g and 500g sizes.

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